This article describes the method to install the Backup Client on a Linux server


  1. Your Linux server must be enabled for the backups with the Backup Client as described in this article: 
    Cloud Backup - Provisioning Cloud Backup for a Server (step by step) 
  2. Cloud Backup doesn't support IPV4 on MCP2.0. The end user must enable IPV6 on client-server before Cloud backup installation. 

Content / Solution:

  1.  The Backup Client download link section will provide the  download link. Copy the URL to your clipboard:

  2. SSH to your Linux server with your account credentials. Enter "wget" and paste the url link as per above and select ENTER:

  3. Type the following commands:

    yum -y install unzip
    mkdir BaasInstaller
    cd BaasInstaller/
    unzip ../  NOTE: [this is the installer package associated to the IP address of your VM]
    chmod +x


  4. Finally, enter:


    Cloud Backup installation will begin. The installer is expected to stay on the screen for up to 15 minutes as it progresses. Please be patient and don’t interrupt the procedure:

  5. Once the process is completed, you will see this on the screen of your Linux VM -> Install of the above modules completed successfully:

  6. Now that the Backup Client is installed on your Linux Server, go back to the Service Portal to select the server onto which you just installed the Backup Client:

  7. The Backup Client will show a status of ACTIVE in the Backup Client list. It may take 10-30 minutes for the status to be updated.

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