This article describes how to understand and navigate the Home Page. 


  1. Users with any designated role can see the Home page.

Content / Solution:

  1. Sign in to the UI with your Username / Password:

  2. You will be directed to the Home page:

    Note: Hovering your mouse over the User icon  in the upper right-hand side of the screen will display information about your Organization, including the Organization ID. You can even copy the ORG ID to your local clipboard by using the  button:

  3. The Compute drop-down menu allows you to perform various administrative tasks. Click on a menu item to be directed to that page:

  4. The Cloud Backup menu allows you to perform tasks associated with the Cloud Backup function:

    See Cloud Backup - Introduction

  5. The DRS for Cloud menu allows you to perform tasks associated with the DRS for Cloud function:

    Note: DRS for Cloud is not available in all locations. See DRS for Cloud
  6. The Region drop-down menu allows you to select a different Geographic Region to access international Data Centers. Click on the Region drop-down menu and select the desired Region:

    Note: Only the Geographic Regions that your Organization has been enabled for will be displayed. Your Organization may not be enabled for all locations

  7. The Server / Network / Tag Search bar allows you to search for Servers, Networks, Network Domains, VLANs or Tag Keys by Name, by full private, or primary IP address:

    Note: Hover your mouse over the question mark icon  for more information:

  8. The buttons along the side menu allow you to quickly perform several tasks. Click on an action to begin:

    Note: For more information about these functions, see:
  9. The Cloud overview displays the type and quantity of each resource you have deployed in each Data Center location:

  10. The Resource by Data Center table shows a more in-depth look into which resources are allocated to which Data Center in the currently selected Geographic Region. It also displays information about how many Servers have Cloud Backup and Cloud Monitoring enabled:

    Note: Hovering your mouse over the icon in the Status column will indicate the current status of a Data Center. The Status column will change to display if there are any operational issues in that Data Center:

  11. The Insights section shows recommendations for your Cloud-based deployed assets:

  12. The map displays the available Data Center locations in the selected Geographic Region. You can zoom in and out or drag the map to change the view:

  13. The Support section displays the Support Telephone Number and/or Email Address – either of which you can use to open a trouble ticket.  It also includes links to various support sites (including this documentation portal). Click on a link to be directed to the corresponding page:

    Note: This information will vary by Vendor
  14. The "On Screen Help" section allows you to toggle "On Screen Help" back on if you have disabled it:

  15. The "Log Out" button logs you out of the Administrative UI:

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