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This article explains how to import bulk Firewall Rules from a .csv file

Important Note

 For instructions on how to download firewall rules as a .csv file, see How to Manage Firewall Rules on a Network Domain 


  1. This article applies only to MCP 2.0 Data Center locations. For details on MCP 1.0 equivalent functions, see How to Manage ACL Rules on a Cloud Network
  2. Only the Primary Administrator or a Sub-Admin with the Network role can create Firewall Rules on a Network Domain.
  3. This article assumes you understand the behavior of Firewall Rules in an MCP 2.0 Data Center location. For details on this behavior, see: Introduction to Firewall Rules for Cloud Network Domains in MCP 2.0

Content / Solution:

  1. From the Home page, select the Data Center where the Network Domain into which you want to import a Firewall Rule list is deployed:

  2. The Data Center dashboard will be displayed. Select the Network Domain into which you want to import a Firewall Rule:

  3. The Network Domain dashboard will be displayed. Click on the Firewall Rules tab:

  4. Click on the Actions menu and select Import Firewall Rules from the drop-down menu:

  5. The Import Firewall Rules dialog will be displayed:

  6. Click on the Browse button to find the desired firewall rule list .csv file on your local computer. Once you have selected the correct file, click Open:

  7. The Import Firewall Rules dialog will be displayed again, and the Firewall Rule policy will be populated into the dialog:

  8. Click on the Add Firewall Rules button to begin the import of the Firewall Rule policy:

  9. The system will begin to import the Firewall Rules. The progress of the operation will be displayed in the Import Firewall Rules dialog:

  10. Once complete, The Import Firewall Rules dialog will display which Firewall Rules were successfully imported, and which Firewall Rules failed. You can click the Download Failed Rules button to download a .csv file of only the failed Firewall Rules and attempt to import them again:

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