How to add local disks to a Windows virtual machine so it appears as a different volume than the C:\ partition

Content / Solution:

Customers can add additional storage to the Windows instance and make that available on the a different volume as follows:

Any additional storage you add is added as raw storage and needs to be initialized and formatted. Take the following steps:

1) Start -- run - type "diskmgmt.msc" OR right click "My computer" and click "Manage" on the left click on "Disk management"

2) Once in there you can use the wizard to allocate storage and drive letters (D or E or any other).

3) The additional storage you have added appears as "unallocated". The first time you open it, the wizard prompt appears, if not you can right click on the unallocated space and click "new volume". This opens the wizard, here you can select the type of volume, size, drive letter etc.

NOTE: You may need force a 'rescan disks' for the O/S to recognize the new storage.

Also note that Microsoft Windows does NOT support adding additional drives to expand the existing C partition, as Windows does not support system volume or boot volumes that span multiple disks. See