This article describes how to view which IP addresses are currently "in use" or "exclusively reserved" on a VLAN in an MCP 2.0 Data Center location. This is relevant when deleting a VLAN since all IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses must be unreserved and not in use before you can delete it.

Addresses returned by this function may be listed for a number of reasons, including:

  • IP address is being used by a NIC on a Cloud Server
  • IP address is being used as the "internal IP" of a NAT
  • IP address is being used as a Node
  • IP address has been exclusively reserved as described in How to Exclusively Reserve an IPv4 or IPv6 Address. This prevents use by any of the functions above.


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Content / Solution:

  1. From the Home page, select the MCP 2.0 Data Center where the Network Domain in which the VLAN is located:

  2. The Data Center dashboard will be displayed. Select the Network Domain on which the VLAN is located:

  3. The Network Domain dashboard will be displayed. Click on the VLANs and Servers tab, then click on the  drop-down icon to expand the desired VLAN:

  4. To view the IP Addresses that are currently in use, or that are exclusively reserved, click on the respective (either IPv4 or IPv6) Address tab:

  5. You'll see several columns:

    1. IPv4/IPv6 Address - Depending on which tab you select, either the IPv4 or IPv6 Addresses associated with Servers on the VLAN will be listed here

    2. In Use - Indicates which Server is using the IP Address

    3. Exclusively Reserved - Indicates whether an IP address is exclusively reserved or not. You'll also notice the  icon next to any exclusively reserved IP addresses.

      1. Note: for more information on exclusively reserved IP Addresses, see: Introduction to IP Addressing in MCP 2.0