API 2 Documentation

CloudControl API 2 was introduced as API 2.0 to coincide with the release of Cloud MCP 2.0 Data Center locations.

The current API 2 version is API 2.13 as of the June 30th, 2020 release (revision API 2.13 v1.00 / XSD 2.13.0-0) and you can download the latest version on the API 2 - Documentation Downloads page.

Please refer to the related articles below for API 2 - XSD, API 2 - Documentation Downloads for XSD, previous versions and revisions, and other relevant information.

CloudControl API Encryption Standards and Migration Changes

NTT-CIS is in the process of migrating our CloudControl application infrastructure from our MCP 1.0 to our MCP 2.0 data center network configuration. As part of this process, we will be making changes to the encryption protocols used by the CloudControl API endpoint. Clients utilizing the API may be impacted due to this change and may be required to make some updates to be compatible with our new API encryption standards. 

Some of these changes will occur on the date of migration while others are planned for December 2, 2019. The following document outlines those encryption algorithm changes and currently planned schedule: 

CloudControl API Encryption Standards and Migration Changes

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