This article describes how to migrate a "Snapshot Preview" Server to a Normal Cloud Server.

For instructions on how to create a Snapshot Preview Server, see How to Create a Snapshot Preview Server from a Local Snapshot

Snapshot Preview Servers will automatically Migrate after 2 Hours

The System will automatically migrate a Server from Snapshot Preview mode to a "Normal" Cloud Server 2 hours after creation. Depending on size, this process can take several hours to complete!

If the System initiated migration fails, the System will retry the migration. If the migration fails after 3 retries, the System will stop trying to migrate the Server. The Server will remain in Snapshot Preview status but will be returned to a Normal state and the migration failure will be noted in the Administrator Log. At this point the User can either:


For more information on the Cloud Server Snapshot feature, see Introduction to Cloud Server Snapshots


  1. User must have Primary Administrator or Server role
  2. Snapshot feature must not be maintenance
  3. Server must be in Snapshot Preview mode

Content / Solution:

  1. From the Home page, select the Data Center where the Snapshot Preview Server you want to migrate to a Normal Cloud Server is located:

  2. The Data Center Dashboard will be displayed. Select the Network Domain where the Snapshot Preview Server you want to migrate to a Normal Cloud Server is located:

  3. The Network Domain dashboard will be displayed. Click on the Snapshot Preview Server you want to migrate to a Normal Cloud Server:

  4. The Server Dashboard will be displayed. Under the Server Status, there is a text box with a Migrate button. Click Migrate:

  5. The system will display the Migrate Server dialog. Click Confirm:

  6. The system will display a message indicating that the operation is in progress:

  7. The Server will be migrated from Snapshot Preview to a Normal Cloud Server:

    Note: You will not be able to interact with the Server until the operation is complete. Depending on the size of the Snapshot Preview Server, this process may take several hours
    Note: Hovering your mouse over the spinning icon will show you the progress of the operation:

  8. The Snapshot Preview Server will now be a Normal Cloud Server. You may interact with it as you would any other Normal Cloud Server

    Note: The Source info section of the Server Details tab will indicate that Source Id of the Snapshot that the Server was created from, as well as the Source Type (Snapshot).

    Important Information regarding Disk Speed

    Any Disk Speeds that are listed on a Snapshot Preview Server are indicative of the Disk Speed that the Disk will have once the 'Snapshot Preview Server has been migrated to a normal Cloud Server. Until the Snapshot Preview Server is migrated to a Normal Server, all Disks will run at a modified Disk Speed, which does not have the same I/O.