Describes How to delete a Failed Client Image or Long-Term Retention Snapshot Image.


  1. Only the Primary Administrator or a user with the Create Image role can remove a Failed Client Image deployment
  2. The Image must be in a failed state (FAILED_ADD or FAILED_DELETE)

Content / Solution:

  1. Click on the Compute button and select Images and Applications from the drop-down menu:

  2. You will be on the Images and Applications page. Click on the Client Images and/or Long-Term Retention Snapshot Images link under Image Type:

  3. The system will display all of the Client Images associated with your Organization. Locate the Client Image that is in a failed state:

  4. Click on the failed Client Image. The system will display a dialog indicating the reason for the failure. Click Remove Failed Image:

    Note: The reason for the import failure is saved in the Administrator Logs for future reference. See How to View an Administrator Logs Report

  5. The system will display a message indicating that the request to remove the failed image has been submitted:


  6. The Failed Client Image will be removed and the UI will be updated to reflect the change.