This article documents the changes that are applied to a server when it is added to a Consistency Group as a Source Server

Note: Only Primary Administrators or sub-administrators who have been assigned the DRS Role can Manage DRS, or view the DRS menu. See How to Manage the Primary Administrator User and other Sub-Administrators as the Primary Administrator

Content / Solution:

When a Source Server is added to a Consistency Group, a handful of server management functions on that server are disabled.  The purpose of this action is to preserve the ability of DRS for Cloud to 'link' the Source Server to the specified Target Server.  The server will only be 'unlocked' when the Consistency Group is deleted either through an explicit delete or through a failover (which deletes the Consistency Group as the final step in the process).

The following functions are prohibited for any Source Server within a Consistency Group:

  • Delete Server
  • Add Disk
  • Remove Disk
  • Change Server Disk Size
  • Add NIC
  • Remove NIC

Note: Although it is possible to stop a Source Server, the Consistency Group will stop replicating entirely if ANY Source Server within the Consistency Group is stopped, so you should refrain from taking this action.