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Comment: Updated for Amadeus Release, 2020


If these Advanced Virtualization Settings appear on an OS or Client Image, the resulting Cloud Server will inherit the same Advanced Virtualization settings when servers are deployed from the image. Users can modify the Advanced Virtualization settings on Client Images as described in How to Manage a Client ImageClient and Long-Term Retention Images. However, users should review the Restrictions on Advanced Virtualization Settings section below as some settings will prevent use of the image if the Data Center location does not support the restricted setting.


On Cloud Servers, these settings are visible on the Server Details screen as shown below:

Image Modified

If these Advanced Virtualization Settings appear on a Server:

  • Cloning a Cloud Server to create a Customer Image as described in How to Clone a Cloud Server to Create a Client Image will result an in a Client Image that  inherit Image that inherits the same Advanced Virtualization settings.
  • Cloud Server Snapshots (described in Introduction to Cloud Server Snapshots) created from the Cloud Server will inherit the same Advanced Virtualization settings.
  • The DRS for Cloud function (described in Introduction to DRS for Cloud) will not replicate Advanced Virtualization settings from the Source Servers in the Consistency Group. After Snapshot Preview is initiated, users will need to adjust such settings to match the Source server if desired.
  • In addition, when using the DRS for Cloud function, when Creating a Consistency Group, the Target Server cannot have any Advanced Virtualization Settings set regardless of whether these settings are allowed on the Cluster. Certain settings interfere with the proper operation of DRS.