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With the launch of the Updated UI, we have also launched a new Documentation site! This article provides an overview of the updated Documentation site and serves to give you a quick overview of how to use it.


You will notice that there are multiple search bars:

  • The Search bar in the top menu (1) will search the entire Documentation space, including Developer sites.

  • The search bar on top of the page tree (2) will only search the CloudControl Documentation space (UI documentation) and is available whenever the Page Tree is expanded (visible).
  • The search bar above the MCP 1.0 Documentation section (3) will also search the CloudControl Documentation space.

Use one of the search bars to locate Help or How-to articles. Search for keywords that will help you locate the article you're looking for. For example, if you need help connecting to the Secure VPN, type " Secure VPN" in one of the search bars. The system will provide suggestions for related articles:
Search bar #1 at the top of the page will look like this:
Search bar #2 will look like this:

Search bar #3 will look like this:


The Documentation is organized by Topic and MCP type. For an overview of the differences in MCP types, see Understanding MCP 1.0 vs. MCP 2.0 Data Center Locations. (Note: Any articles that are relevant to both MCP types are cross-posted)

Click on a Topic page to view the documentation associated with that Topic.

On the Home page, there is a Featured Articles section. This section will be periodically updated with important articles. (This may include new features!)

The left Column of the screen includes navigational tools: Space Shortcuts and a Page Tree which will facilitate you finding the documents you are looking for:

  • You can hide the Space Shortcuts and Page Tree by typing "[ ".
  • If the left column has been hidden, you can show it again, by typing " [ ".
    • Note: If the left column has been hidden, you can still access it by clicking on the Space Shortcut or Page Tree icon:
  • You can make the page full screen by clicking the open page in full-screen button  or by typing " f ".

  • You can exit full-screen mode by clicking the open page in full-screen button  or by typing " f ".

    • Note: Clicking on one of the Space Shortcut pages will take you to the Topic page. 
    • Note: You can expand the menu in the Page Tree by clicking the expand button .


Please see Getting Started with MCP 2.0 for an introduction to MPC MCP Cloud!

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