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File or Directory Restore operations do not require the rehydration step but may also take longer if restoring from an archived System Snapshot. See How to Restore a File or Directory from a Cloud Server Snapshot to the Cloud Server.

Snapshot Long-Term Snapshot Retention Feature

Many organizations have a need to retain backups for an extended period of time to meet compliance requirements, in some cases for up to 7 years. Snapshot Long-Term Retention is an add-on feature of Cloud Server Snapshot Service that allows users to specify that they want to keep a System Snapshot for a longer period than what is allowed under the Snapshot Service Plans (i.e. longer than 1 year).  This feature provides a solution for Cloud Server Snapshots which is not tied to proprietary vendor formats. Long-Term Retention Images are stored using standard vSphere datastores, meaning that if the underlying technology of Cloud Server Snapshots is changed, Long-term Retention Images will not be “stuck” in a legacy vendor format.

For more information on Long-Term Snapshot Replication, see Introduction to Cloud Server Snapshot Long-Term Retention Images

Application-Specific Considerations when Configuring Snapshot Service