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  1. How Scheduled Maintenance is Performed

    Scheduled maintenance for the Cloud Backup service occurs at the same time that upgrades to the service are being done. Scheduled maintenance does not result in any downtime of the Updated UI, Cloud API but it does require suspension of all management requests issued through those management interfaces.

    While the Updated UI, Cloud API requests are suspended during scheduled maintenance, users will not be able to use those management interfaces to change backup plans, enable or disable servers for backups, or add/remove/edit backup clients on servers.

    If Dimension Data offers multiple data centers in the same geographic region, the scheduled maintenance will apply only to a single data center within that geographic region.
  2. Regional Times for Scheduled Maintenance

    The current times that scheduled maintenance is performed in each region are:

    • North America: 05:00 AM Eastern Standard Daylight / 2:00 AM Pacific Standard Daylight (1009:00 UTC)
    • AustraliaCanada: 0906:00 PM Australia AM Eastern Daylight / 3:00 AM Pacific Daylight (10:00 UTC)
    • CanberraAustralia: 09:30 00 PM Australia Eastern Daylight Standard (1011:30 00 UTC)
    • CanadaCanberra: 06:00 AM Eastern Standard / 3:00 AM Pacific Standard 09:30 PM Australia Eastern Standard  (11:00 30 UTC)
    • Asia-Pacific: 09:00 PM Japan Standard Time (12:00 UTC)
    • Indonesia: 09:00 PM Western Indonesian Time (14:00 UTC)
    • Africa: 08:00 PM South Africa Standard Time (18:00 UTC)
    • Europe: 09:00 PM Central European Standard Daylight (2019:00 UTC)
    • Note: The times shown above are local time based on the geographic region's use of Summer/Daylight Savings Time, so the UTC times will vary during the year.

  3. Process for Scheduled Maintenance

    The current process for scheduled maintenance is:

    • Starting one hour before the maintenance event, the Updated UI and API will stop accepting any requests for actions related to Cloud Backups in the affected data center. This means users will not be able to change Cloud Backup plans, enable/disable Servers for backups, or add/remove/edit Backup Clients. Cloud Backup API requests will return with a REASON_54 error as described in the API documentation at API 0.9API 2

    • Once the maintenance event has begun, actions taken from the Backup Client on the Server itself may also fail, as well as any backup events themselves

    • Once the maintenance is complete, the ability to use the Updated UI and API and to take actions related to Cloud Backups will be restored and the backup actions taken at the server level should resume functioning normally.