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  1.  The Backup Client download link section will provide the  download link. Copy the URL to your clipboard:

  2. SSH to your Linux server with your account credentials. Enter "wget" and paste the url link as per above and select ENTER:

  3. Type the following commands:

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    yum -y install unzip
    mkdir BaasInstaller
    cd BaasInstaller/
    unzip ../  NOTE: [this is the installer package associated to the IP address of your VM]
    chmod +x


  4. Finally, enter:

    No Format

    Cloud Backup installation will begin. The installer is expected to stay on the screen for up to 15 minutes as it progresses. Please be patient and don’t interrupt the procedure:

  5. Once the process is completed, you will see this on the screen of your Linux VM -> Install of the above modules completed successfully:

  6. Now that the Backup Client is installed on your Linux Server, go back to the Service Portal to select the server onto which you just installed the Backup Client:

  7. The Backup Client will show a status of ACTIVE in the Backup Client list. It may take 10-30 minutes for the status to be updated.