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  1. Only the Primary Administrator or a User with the Network role can add a Pool on a Network Domain
  2. Data Center is MCP 2.0

  3. Recommended reading: Introduction to Virtual Listeners / VIPs in MCP 2.0

  4. Must have at least one "Advanced" Network Domain. See How to Deploy a Network Domain in a MCP 2.0 Data Center Location
    This feature is not supported on "Essentials" Network Domains.  

  5. It is important to note that a Pool can have up to 100 associated Nodes.


  1. Click on the Load Balancing / Virtual IPs tab, then click on the Manage gear for the Pool you want to manage and select 'Add new Nodes to Pool' from the dropdown menu:

  2. The Create Nodes form will be displayed:

    Note: See How to Create a Node on a Cloud Network Domain for further details on creating a Node. 

  3. Once the Create Nodes form has been filled out, click the Create button:

    Note: If you choose to create a Node with a Health Monitor, you will have to edit the Pool Member settings:

      • Port


      • - Enter the Port

      that the Node will
      • you would like the Pool Member to be associated with

      • Pool Member Status
      •  - Select
      • an initial Status
      • for the Pool Member from the dropdown menu.
        • Enabled - Permits traffic.
        • Disabled - Continues to process persistent and active connections. It can accept new connections only if the connections belong to an existing persistence session.
        • Forced Offline - Allows existing connections to time out, but no new connections are allowed.
  4. The system will display a success message:

  5. The new Node will be added to the Pool and the UI will be updated to reflect the change: