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  1. Only the Primary Administrator OR a User with the Server role assigned by the Primary Administrator can notify the Cloud system of a change to the IP address of an existing Cloud Server.

  2. You must have already fully deployed a Server in order to modify it in any way. You cannot update the private IP address of the Server until the deployment process is complete.

  3. When notifying the Cloud system of an IP change, the "new" private IP address must be part of the private IP block of the VLAN on which the server is located. The new private IP address also cannot be currently registered to any other Cloud Server ("In use")

  4. The new private IP Address cannot currently be exclusively reserved. For more information on exclusively reserved IP Addresses, see Introduction to IP Addressing in MCP 2.0

  5. Important Note: This feature has relevance when using the Cloud Backup service and performing an Out of Place File System Backup Restore. For more information, see How to Initiate a Full System "Out of Place" Server Restore.

  6. You cannot change the IP Address of a NIC if the server is in a state which requires it to be restarted. See the "Adding and Managing Disks" section of Introduction to Cloud Server Local Storage ("Disks") and Disk Speeds

  7. If the Server is a DRS Target Server, and there is a Re-IP Address Rule defined:
    1. DRS Service must be in a a Normal state
    2. The Consistency Group must be in a Normal state