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Comment: Added Prereq that can't disable if long-term retention is turned on


  1. User must be Primary Administrator or have the Server role assigned.
  2. Server must be enabled with one of the following Snapshot plans:
    1. One Month: 7d-4w
    2. Three Month: 14d-12w
    3. Twelve Month: 31d-12w-12m
    4. Advanced: 31d-52w
    5. Snapshot Replication is not supported on the Essentials: 4w plan
    6. For more information, see Introduction to Cloud Server Snapshots
  3. Snapshot Service must be in a NORMAL state in both Source and Target Replication locations
  4. If Replication is being enabled:
    1. Target replication location must be valid 
    2. Server cannot already be set up for replication to another Target replication location
    3. At least one cluster in the Target replication location must accept the server's:
      1. CPU (Min/Max)
      2. RAM (Min/Max)
      3. DIsk Sizes (Min/Max)
      4. Number of disks (min/max)
      5. Total Storage Size (Max only)
      6. Total Snapshot Server Size (Max only)
  5. If Replication is being disabled:
    1. Replication cannot be disabled if there are any Snapshot Preview Servers in the Replicated Location
    2. Replication cannot be disabled if Long-Term Snapshot Retention is turned on. See How to Manage Snapshot Long-Term Retention

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Enable Snapshot Replication