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Comment: Updated for Xerxes 2019



This article documents the changes that are applied to a server when it is added to a Consistency Group as a Target Server

Note: Only Primary Administrators, or sub-administrators who have been assigned the DRS Role can Manage DRS, or view the DRS menu. See How to Manage the Primary Administrator User and other Sub-Administrators as the Primary Administrator


  • Delete Server
  • Start Server
  • Shutdown Server
  • Reboot Server
  • Reset Server
  • Power Off Server
  • Reconfigure Server
  • Add Disk
  • Remove Disk
  • Update VMware Tools
  • Upgrade Server Virtual Hardware
  • Add NIC
  • Remove NIC
  • Notify System of NIC IP Address Change
  • Change Server Disk Size
  • Clone Server to Create Client Image
  • Change Server Disk Speed

Important Note: Advanced Virtualization Settings will be set to their default values during a Preview or Failover event.
Note: For more information on Advanced Virtualization Settings, see Introduction to Advanced Virtualization Settings

Important Note: Although the majority of server management functions are restricted, a subset of these functions are still allowed.  For instance, you can still edit server metadata (e.g. name and description) and console into the server to manage it locally.