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  1. Load the Docker Powershell Module 

    import-module "<Path>\DockerCaaS.psd1"

  2. Connext

    Connect to CaaS Cloud API 

    New-CaasConnection -ApiCredentials (Get-Credential) -Vendor DimensionData -Region Australia_AU

  3. Create one or more docker hosts, if not created already

    New-CaasDockerHost -Name <DockerHostName> -NetworkName <MCP1NetworkName> -RootPassword <AdminPassword>

    Note: Makesure to use the same RootPassword for all docker hosts.

  4. Deploy docker containers

    Invoke-CaasDockerContainer -Name <NameOfDockerContainer> -Parameters <AnyDockerParameters> -NetworkName <MCP1NetworkName> -RootPassword <AdminPasswordOfDockerHost>

    eg : Invoke-CaasDockerContainer -Name "tomcat:8.0" -Parameters "-p 8080:8080 -d" -NetworkName "TEST-WEB" -RootPassword "unicorndatapass"


These command dont open any ports (ACL) related to the docker containers , so if you need to open any ports for any docker containers, you need to do that manually