Deploying a DevOps server

First you need to deploy a server within your Cloud environment to run the StackStorm software, you can do this through the UI or via the PowerShell commands.

We recommend that you first connect to the VPN so you can access deployed servers easily without creating firewall rules (ACLs).

Deploying using the Cloud Control UI

  1. Go to the Cloud Control UI
  2. Deploy the Ubuntu 14.04 image to an existing network or network domain (MCP 2)

Installing StackStorm

Once the server is deployed, login via SSH using the local SSH client. (Download Putty for Windows if you don't have an SSH client).


If you don't want to use SSH, you can access the terminal from the console window.

Copy and paste the following commands into your window and press ENTER.

If your server is in -

Asia Pacific

Australia or New Zealand



North America


This will take a few minutes to install.

You will get a message like this when the installation completes:

Open up a browser and navigate to https://<your server IP>/

Chrome will remind you that the certificate is not signed.

When complete, click continue

Login using the credentials:



You will then be greeted with the UI for StackStorm

Go to actions and search for "dimensiondata.configure"

Enter your CaaS credentials into "api_password" and "api_user" on the right and click Run

To update the password, on the command line run

Next Steps

Now you can follow Testing the Dimension Data cloud pack to configure the actions for Dimension Data