The New-CaaSConnection command takes the domain name of your API endpoint as a parameter. 

New-CaasConnection -ApiCredentials (Get-Credential) -ApiDomainName ""

Querying a public and private MCP in the same script

You can connect to both a public MCP and a private MCP in the same session, all commands take a -Connection parameter with the connection object.

$my_private = New-CaasConnection -ApiCredentials (Get-Credential) -ApiDomainName ""
$my_public = New-CaasConnection -ApiCredentials (Get-Credential) -Vendor DimensionData -Region Australia_AU
$private_servers = Get-CaasServers -Connection $my_private
$public_servers = Get-CaasServers -Connection $my_public
$servers = $private_servers + $public_servers 
$servers | Out-GridView
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