The x2C client should be run on the source server


  • This process only runs on Windows 2008 and higher
  • This requires .NET 4.5 and above

Running x2c

  1. Download x2c GUI from 
  2. Extract it locally and run x2c.exe
  3. At the first screen, click Get Started
  4. Check the compatibility of your source server and consult Compatibility if there any failures or warnings
  5. Configure the specification of your target server and network environment, configure an Administrator password for the base server. 
  6. Enter the credentials for your CaaS account and set the region, click Login, if your account details are correct and valid for the region you selected, you can choose a Network Domain (NB only MCP 2.0 is supported at present) and then select the datacenter
  7. The tool will then go through the stage documented in  Creating a target environment using x2c client