Dimension Data are a global IT Services company and form part of the NTT Group. Dimension Data provide IT-as-a-Service to customers around the globe on their cloud platform (Compute as a Service). The CaaS service is available either on one of the public cloud instances or as a private instance on premises.

CaaS has its own non-standard API , libcloud provides a Python wrapper on top of this API with common methods with other IaaS solutions and Public cloud providers. Therefore, you can use use the Dimension Data libcloud driver to communicate with both the public and private clouds.

Instantiating a driver

When you instantiate a driver you need to pass the following arguments to the driver constructor:

  • user_id - Your Dimension Data Cloud username
  • key - Your Dimension Data Cloud password

The base libcloud API allows you to:

  • list nodes, images, instance types, locations

Non-standard functionality and extension methods

The Dimension Data driver exposes some libcloud non-standard functionalities through extension methods and arguments.

These functionalities include:

  • start and stop a node
  • list networks

For information on how to use these functionalities please see the method docstrings below. You can also use an interactive shell for exploration as shown in the examples.



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