Article outlines the impacts of VMWare Maintenance events in the Admin UI and API.

Content / Solution:

VMware Maintenance Events occur when we are making major upgrades to the underlying vSphere platform. These events do not involve any downtime to the Admin UI/API but they do require suspension of all Cloud Server-related management functions through the Cloud UI and API. These events are scheduled as described in How are Operational Maintenance Events Performed on the Cloud.

Such events work as follows:

  1. The Admin UI and API are available during the maintenance window, but users are subject to the restrictions described in #2 and #3 below. If the Geographic Region offers multiple data centers, these restrictions will apply only to a single data center within the Geographic Region.
  2. Starting one hour before the maintenance event, the Admin UI and API will stop accepting any requests for actions related to Cloud Servers or Cloud Images in the affected data center. This means users will not be able to deploy new servers or images, start/stop/reboot/edit/delete existing servers or images, or start any new import/export actions. All running Cloud Servers will continue to function as normal. The system will simply block any new Cloud Server actions from being made using the Admin UI or API. API requests will return with a REASON_51 error as described in API 0.9API 2The UI will respond with an error message that looks like: 
  3. Changes requested prior to the one hour limit will continue to process with status updates in the Admin UI or API until the event begins.
  4. Beginning with the start of the maintenance window, the Admin UI and API will stop updating the status of Cloud Servers or Cloud Images in the affected data center location. For example, if a server is shut down or rebooted from the Guest OS, the Admin UI/API will not reflect that change.
  5. Except for the restrictions related to Cloud Servers and Images, all other Cloud functions in the affected location will continue normally. For example, users can continue to deploy/delete/modify Cloud Networks or Sub-Administrators. They can also generate reports, or perform any other actions not related to Cloud Servers or Images. They can also continue to perform Cloud Server actions in all other data center locations.
  6. Once the maintenance is complete, the ability to take actions related to Cloud Servers and Cloud Images will be restored and the system will update the status of all deployed Cloud Servers in the affected data center.