Describes the default firewall rules that govern traffic on newly deployed Cloud Network Domain in a MCP 2.0 data center location.

Content / Solution:

When you deploy a new Cloud Network Domain, the system provisions it with a set of "default" Firewall rules that affect both inbound and outbound network traffic. This article provides additional detail about the "default" firewall rules that are applied to a newly deployed Cloud Network Domain.

After you deploy a Cloud Network Domain , you can view these rules as described in: How to View and Manage Firewall Rules and Statistics on a Network Domain

It will look like this:

These rules have the following impacts:

The key thing to note here is that no traffic in or out of the Cloud Network Domain is allowed by default. These rules are explicitly denying traffic but there are no rules allowing any traffic. Therefore, you must establish firewall rules to allow any IPv4 or IPv6 traffic between the Cloud Network Domain and anything outside the Cloud Network Domain. You also must establish rules to allow communication between VLANs or a CPNC (Cloud Private Network Domain Connection).