This article describes how to use the Search function in the Administrative UI.

Content / Solution:

  1. The Updated UI has a powerful Search tool which can be used to find specific resources. You can use the Search bar to search for the following Cloud Resources by Name:

    • Servers
      • Note: You can also search for Servers by their full private, primary IP address
    • Networks (MCP 1.0)
    • Network Domains (MCP 2.0)
    • VLANs (MCP 2.0)
    • Tag Keys

  2. To search for a Cloud Resource by Name, click in the Search bar and start typing the name of the searchable Cloud Resource. The system will provide you with a list of suggestions based on your input:

    Note: The system will also provide suggestions of Cloud Servers based on an IP Address that you enter:


  3. By default the top 10 resources which contain the search term will be displayed in the suggestion dropdown.
    If you click the magnifying glass icon, or simply type enter/return on your keyboard, you will be directed to the search results page which will list all matches for the search term.

  4. You can use wildcards (*) to perform a 'starts-with' or 'ends-with' matching search:

    • To perform a 'starts-with' wildcard search, enter the first word of the Name of the resource you want to search for, and then enter an asterisk ( * ). Click the magnifying glass icon.

    • To perform an 'ends-with' wildcard search, enter an asterisk ( * ) and then enter the last word of the Name of the resource you want to search for. Click the magnifying glass icon.

  5. Selecting a suggestion from any of the search-generated lists will navigate you to the management page of the selected resource.

  6. When searching for Tag Keys, Click on the Tag Name in the search bar results dropdown suggestions:

  7. Or the Tag Name on the Search Results page:

  8. You will be directed to a Tagged Assets search result page that displays the Cloud assets with the selected Tag.  You can further filter by Tag Value with the Filter by Value dropdown menu on the right: