This article provides a brief introduction to the differences between the API 0.9 and API 2 versions.


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The v0.9 API represents the original CloudControl API built to support the original MCP 1.0 data center architecture. It is a REST-style API with support for XML payloads and responses. Although it is documented as a single "version", it underwent many updates and changes, with new versions of functions being introduced and the old ones being "deprecated".

The v2.0 API was introduced in March 2015 in conjunction with MCP 2.0 data center architecture and is the first version of the new API 2 series. API 2 represents a new API structure. This REST- style API supports both XML and JSON payloads and responses. This new version will not support any of the "deprecated" functions in the v0.9 API, and even the supported functions may have differences in implementation. All new functionality being introduced is exclusively supported only in API 2 versions. 

Over time, we will update API 2 to provide all of the non-deprecated functionality provided by the v0.9 API, with support for both MCP 1.0 and MCP 2.0 architectures. However, right now only a subset of functions is currently supported in API 2. Therefore, in the meantime, API integrations wanting to take advantage of MCP 2.0 locations will need to use a mix of API 0.9 and API 2 functions.

For more details, review the "MCP Location Identification and Support in this API Version" of either document: