This article contains a User Guide for the Public Status page


The Dimension Data Public Cloud Status Page was deployed to help clients keep up with potentially business impacting incidents while avoiding email notification fatigue.
Dimension Data Cloud Operations Team has enabled additional self-service subscription options for users of to receive notifications via SMS and email.

  • Users can choose to be auto-subscribed to every posted incident (default)
  • Users can subscribe to specific components that they're interested in, and will only receive notifications for incidents and scheduled maintenance relevant to that component.
  • Users can subscribe to each incident individually after it has been opened.

Note: when this feature is turned on, subscribers will only be notified if you select a component to notify subscribers of upon creating the incident.
Component subscriptions are a great way to ensure that you are only getting the notifications that are relevant to your business. Through a simple tuning process, subscribers can pick and choose which components they want to receive notifications about and which they don't.
The best part about this feature is that we do the magic under the covers to figure out who should be messaged about which incidents, and make sure that they receive all of the relevant notifications based on their preferences.

Subscribe to Updates

Open your browser and go to and select "Subscribe to Updates". From this site, you will be able to select the desired communication medium (email, SMS, or RSS).

Component Subscription

Select the components you want to subscribe to. Please note the default is subscribing to all.

Confirmation Notification

A confirmation message will be sent and all further communication to that subscriber will contain a link to the subscription management page.

Email Example

SMS Example

Unsubscribe from Updates

If a subscriber wants to unsubscribe or manage their subscription but does not have access to an existing message with a subscription management link, they can modify their subscription settings from the status page the same way they originally subscribed.

Note: This only works if the page has Component Subscriptions enabled.
To do this, they need to go to the status page and click Subscribe, then input their email/phone number. We will recognize that they are already subscribed and they can manage their subscription settings on the next page.

Unsubscribe Notification