This article describes how to navigate and understand the Supported Operating Systems page, which is the page that explains which Operating Systems are supported.

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  1. Note: Symbols:

    •  - Indicates the default Network Adapter for the Operating System.
    •  - Indicates that the item is supported by the Operating System.
    •  - Indicates that the item is not supported by the Operating System.

    • Given the sheer volume of supported Operating Systems, the use of the built-in filtering can be hugely beneficial if you are looking for a certain Operating System.  You can filter by Name or OS Family Type. 

    • You can change the number of items that are displayed on each page by adjusting the number at the bottom of the table:

    • Use the directional arrows to change pages or click on a page number. 

For more information about which operating systems are supported, see What Operating Systems are Currently Supported on CloudControl?