This article describes how to understand the Data Center page, as accessed from the Home page.

  1. Users with any role can view the Data Center dashboard. However, users must be assigned either the Primary Administrator, Network, or Server role to take any actions.
    • Networking Status
    • Console Status
    • Monitoring Status
    • Backup Status
    • Disaster Recovery Service Status
    • Snapshot Status
    • Secondary Restore Service Status

    • Name

    • Type (Essentials, Advanced)

    • SNAT IPv4 Address - To provide IPv4 Internet connectivity, an IPv4 source network address translation (SNAT) IP address is assigned to all cloud network domains. This address is used to provide all Internet-bound traffic with a public source IP address for global reachability. All servers in a cloud network domain share this public IPv4 address unless they are configured as part of a NAT, in which case the server’s public NAT IP address is used for Internet communications.

    • See Introduction to User-Manageable Clusters for more information about Clusters.
    • Click on the drop-down icon  to expose the servers that are associated with each Cluster
    • Hover your mouse over the  Cluster icon to see information about the Cluster, including Name and ID:
    • Click on the  filter button to filter by IPv4 or IPv6:

  1. Note: See How do I Identify Hardware Specifications and Capabilities Available in a Data Center Location