This article provides a broad overview of the "persistence profile" load balancing feature, which provides support for "sticky sessions" within the VIP functionality.

Content / Solution:

Persistence Profile is a means of ensuring that within a load balanced server farm, requests can be  automatically routed to the same Real Server for handling as the initial request from the same source. By using this feature, you can ensure user sessions can continue to be serviced by the same Real Server (behavior sometimes known as "stickiness"). This feature can be useful if you have information that will be stored locally on the real server and needs to be available across multiple requests in a user's session.

The requester can be identified either through the use of an HTTP cookie or a CIDR notation netmask. The methodology is configured when creating the Persistence Profile and attaching it to the associated server farm. Details on how to configure this feature are located at How to Add a Persistence Profile on a Cloud Network in a MCP 1.0 Data Center Location.

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