Provides an overview of the concept of Cloud Monitoring Notifications and identifies how to set up notifications for your monitoring-enabled Cloud Servers.

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Cloud Monitoring Notifications provides customers with the ability to receive an email notification whenever the resource utilization of a monitoring-enabled Cloud Server surpasses a pre-defined threshold. Notification rules can be created to trigger the sending of an email based on the CPU or RAM utilization of a single Cloud Server. Once a notification rule is created, one (1) email notification will be sent to the specified email address(es) whenever the customer-defined threshold is breached. The system will not send another email for the same rule until the Cloud Server returns to a 'healthy' state and the threshold is surpassed once again. Since this capability is dependent on Cloud Monitoring, notification rules can only be created for Cloud Servers that have Cloud Monitoring enabled. See the following article for more information on Cloud Monitoring:

It is important to note that this capability is not related to Auto Scaling (even though Auto Scaling rules can be configured to send an email notification whenever an Auto Scaling action has taken place). See the following article for more information on Auto Scaling:

Usage & Pricing

The Cloud Monitoring Notifications feature is available for use free of charge. However, users will be charged for the resources consumed by the monitoring-enabled Cloud Servers for which notification rules have been created.


Since Cloud Monitoring Notifications is dependent on Cloud Monitoring to generate the alerts that trigger the email notifications, it is only available in those regions in which Cloud Monitoring has been deployed. To check the availability of Cloud Monitoring in a data center, see: How do I Identify Hardware Specifications and Capabilities Available in a Data Center Location


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