This article describes how to import and use a Postman Collection

Postman collections and environment variables can be exported as JSON files to be distributed and imported with other machines with Postman software installed. CloudControl Collections and Environment variables are pushed to a GitHub repo to be freely downloaded by the public to consume the CloudControl API directly without using the UI.

API Versions

As new versions of the CloudControl API are released, the Postman Collection will be updated. It will be necessary for you to update the Postman Collection with each API release.

Information about the API version can be found at: API 2

Content / Solution:

Once a Collection is downloaded, it is now ready to be imported into Postman:

  1. Click on the Import button in the upper left-hand side of the Postman dialog, then click Choose Files and select both the .json files (Collection and Environment file) from the file browser, and click Open:

  2. After import, Postman will display both the CloudControl REST API Collection in the Collections tab, and the  Environment variable in the Environment section, as shown below. Click and load Environment variable:

Actions Performed on Postman:

  • Import CloudControl .json file from GitHub
  • Use CloudControl API collection to interact with CloudControl
  • Use the CloudControl Environment Variable to speed up the process

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