This article describes where it is possible to see the status of VM Tools for a given Cloud Server and what the status means for that Server.

For more information, please see Understanding Support for VM Tools in CloudControl. 


  1. You must have deployed at least one Cloud Server in order to view VM Tools status information. See: 

Content / Solution:

  1. From the Home page, select the Data Center in which the Server whose VM Tools status you want to view is deployed:

  2. Select the Network (MCP 1.0) or Network Domain (MCP 2.0) on which the Server whose VM Tools status you want to view is deployed:

  3. Click on the Servers tab to expose the list of Servers, then click on the Server whose VM Tools status you want to view:

  4. The Server dashboard will be displayed. Information about VM Tools will be displayed in the Server Details tab. CloudControl supports two types of VM Tools: VMware Tools and Open VM Tools (see Understanding Support for VM Tools in CloudControl). In addition, CloudControl will support the deployment of a Cloud Server with no VM Tools installed at all (Introduction to Cloud Server Provisioning, OS Customization, and Best Practices). The type of VM Tools present depends on the nature of the OS or Client Image from which the Server was originally deployed and whether or not a user has changed the installation from within the Guest Operating System.


  5. Should the Tools Type be VMWARE_TOOLS and VMware Tools is out of date, the system will display a message indicating that there is an update available:

    Note: For instructions on updating VMware Tools (where the Tools Type is VMWARE_TOOLS), see How to Update VMware Tools on a Cloud Server.

  6. When VM Tools is not installed on a Cloud Server, it will appear as below:

    Note: If VM Tools is not installed, then the actions that can be performed on the Server are limited to ensure that the Server can continue to function correctly. This can be intentional for Servers that have been deployed without Guest OS Customization, but can also be caused by a user uninstalling VM Tools without realizing its significance. Any Server that underwent the Guest OS Customization process should have VM Tools installed. If it has been uninstalled, see Updating VMware Tools in your Windows or Linux Locally (outside CloudControl) for VMware Tools. For Open VM Tools, please refer to the vendor-specific documentation for the Guest Operating System and the applicable Open VM Tools binary.