Provides an overview and how to manage the various details about Backup that is available for each Cloud Server.


  1. Only the Primary Administrator OR a Sub-Administrator User with the Backup role can view full Backup Details for a Cloud Server.
  2. Location in which the server exists must be enabled for Cloud Backup. See How do I Identify Hardware Specifications and Capabilities Available in a Data Center Location

Content / Solution:

  1. From the Home page, click on the Data Center where the Server on which you want to manage Cloud Backup is located:

  2. The Data Center dashboard will be displayed. Click Network Domain (MCP 2.0) where the Cloud Server on which you want to manage Cloud Backup is located:

  3. Click on the Servers tab, then click on the Server on which you want to manage Cloud Backup. You will be directed to the Server Dashboard:

  4. Click on the Backup tab:

    The Backup dialog displays details of the Backup plan(s) for the Server:
    Note: Initially the Backup Client list may appear empty until a Backup Client is added. For details, see How to Add a Backup Client to a Cloud Server

    • If Backup is not enabled for the Server, see: How to Enable Cloud Backup on a Cloud Server

    • If Backup is enabled for the Server:
      • Backup Plan - The selected Backup Service Plan. In this example: File and folder, System State and Applications (Enterprise).
      • Type - The type of Backup Client. In this example: Linux File Agent.
      • Status/JobA Backup Client can have three possible status values:
        • Unregistered - displayed when the client is first added to the Server; up to the point it has been installed on the Server and registers itself with the Backup system.
        • Active - displayed when the Server is running, the Backup Client is registered and operating normally.
        • Offline - displayed when the Server is stopped or if the Backup Client is otherwise out of communication with the Backup system.
        • Unconfigured - displayed when the Backup Client is in an unexpected state. Please open a support case to have the Backup Client investigated if you encounter this value.  
      • Last Backup - The date / time of the last successful backup. In this example, the system was backed up on May 6, 2016 at 2:01 AM.
      • Schedule Policy - The time in which the Backup will take place.