This article describes how to view and apply Tags to your Cloud Resources. For an overview of Tagging, see: Introduction to Tagging, Tag Keys and Tag Values

It is important to note that the process for viewing and applying Tags to Cloud Resources is identical for each resource.


  1. Asset Tagging can be performed for a Cloud asset by:

    • Primary Administrator
    • User with the Tag role
    • User with the resource role that allows an asset to be managed:
      • Network Domains -> Network role
      • VLANs -> Network role
      • Cloud Servers -> Server role
      • Client Images -> Create Image role
      • Public IP Blocks (currently taggable only via API) -> Network role
      • Sub-Administrators -> Primary Administrator
  2. UI support is provided only within the context of MCP 2.0 environments.

    In addition, as noted above, Public IP blocks can currently only be tagged via the API function.

Content / Solution:

  1. Navigate to the Taggable resource (see Prerequisite 1 above) on which you want to view and / or apply a Tag. For this example, we'll use a Network Domain.
    Click on the Manage Network Domain Tags button in the upper left-hand side of the screen:

    Note: The name of the Manage Tag button will depend upon the Cloud Resource you are going to Tag. i.e. Manage VLAN Tags for VLAN, Manage Server Tags for Servers etc.
  2. The Manage Network Domain Tags dialog will be displayed:

  3. Fill out the form with the desired information:

    • Name - Enter the Name of the Tag Key that you want to apply to the resource.
      • Note: You can start typing the name of the Tag Key and the system will display a list of suggestions based on the text you enter.
    • Value (optional) - Enter the Value that you want to associate with the Tag Key. 
      • Note: If when the Tag Key was created the "Require Value when applied to a Cloud Resource" box was checked, the Value will be required at this step. Otherwise setting the Value is optional.
  4. Once the form has been filled out, click the Add button:

  5. The Tag will be added to the dialog:

    1. Note: You can add multiple Tags to a resource. Fill in the desired values, then click the Add button to add additional Tags.
    2. Note: You can also remove or edit a tag by clicking on manage gear and selecting the desired option:

  6. Once you have added the desired Tag(s) to the resource, click the Save button:


  7. The system will display a success message:

  8. The Tags will be applied to the resource and the UI will be updated to reflect the change: