This set of articles describes how to use Postman to interact with the CloudControl REST API

API Versions

As new versions of the CloudControl API are released, the Postman Collection will be updated. It will be necessary for you to update the Postman Collection with each API release.

Information about the API version can be found at: API 2

CloudControl is the Orchestration software to manage devices located in MCP Datacenters. It provides a REST API based interface to interact with the system. CloudControl provides a slew of End User API calls to perform functions in the below major categories:

  • Infrastructure API
  • Network API
  • Server API
  • Snapshot API
  • Server Image API
  • Account API

Postman is a software that provides a complete API development and testing platform. API calls are organized within a folder (and Subfolders) named "Collections". It is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS. Environment Variables is a feature of Postman where a set of key/value pairs (data set) could be loaded and consumed within the collection. It enables easy injection and manipulation of data in multiple locations from a single point. More details are available at: POSTMAN

GitHub is an online service that provides an environment for programmers to store and collaborate with software codes. Code files can be hosted as either Public or Private repositories. It enables easy replication to local machines for consumption

Postman collections and environment variables can be exported as JSON files to be distributed and imported with other machines with Postman software installed. CloudControl Collections and Environment variables are pushed to a GitHub repo to be freely downloaded by the public to consume the CloudControl API directly without using the UI.

CloudControl End User API Documentation is located at: CloudControl REST API Documentation

Download Postman: Download Postman

GitHub Repo for CloudControl Collection and Environment Variable: CloudControl Postman Collection

Each of the CloudControl API calls is documented in this collection for your use. This Postman collection helps users get started using CloudControl API's to perform various operations without using the CloudControl UI. Postman has other features like Pre-Request Script, Tests, Runners, etc to automate and test API calls. To perform large scale and reliable automation with CloudControl, use CloudControl Ansible Modules: CloudControl Ansible Modules.

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