This article describes how to update Virtual Hardware on a Cloud Server.

Virtual Hardware is imperative to the successful operation of Cloud Servers and should be kept up to date.

Please see Hardware Features Available with Virtual Machine Compatibility Settings for compatibility requirements


  1. Only the Primary Administrator or a Sub-Admin with the Server role can update Virtual Hardware for a Cloud Server.
  2. The Cloud Server must be in a stopped state to update Virtual Hardware

Content / Solution:

  1. From the Home page, select the Data Center where the Cloud Server on which you want to update Virtual Hardware is located:

  2. The Data Center dashboard will be displayed. Click on the Network (MCP 1.0) or Network Domain (MCP 2.0) where the Cloud Server whose Virtual Hardware you want to update is located:

  3. The Network Domain (MCP 2.0) or Network (MCP 1.0) dashboard will be displayed. Click on the Cloud Server whose Virtual Hardware you want to update:

    Note: The Cloud Server must be stopped in order to update the Virtual Hardware.

  4. The Server Dashboard will be displayed. The system will indicate that Virtual Hardware is out of date and that an update is available. Click on the 'Update Available' button in the Virtual Hardware section: 


  5. The Upgrade Virtual Hardware dialog will be displayed. Click Confirm:

  6. The system will display a message indicating that the operation is in progress:


  7. The System will indicate the progress of the operation in the Status section of the Server dashboard:

    Note: This operation will take several minutes.

  8. Once complete, the system will display a success message:


  9. The System will indicate that the Virtual Hardware is up to date: