This article describes how to uninstall the Cloud Backup Backup Client from a server running a Windows operating system.


  1. Ensure you have removed the Cloud Backup agent on the server PRIOR to uninstalling the backup client. For details, see
    How to Delete a Backup Client on a Cloud Server
  2. Ensure you have the appropriate permissions on the server's operating system to remove the Backup Client.

Content / Solution

  1. Use Remote Desktop to make a connection to your Windows server:

  2. Click on Start -> Control Panel -> Programs and Features:

  3. Select the CommVault Windows File System:

  4. Click Yes to perform the uninstall:

  5. Click on the Ok button to continue the uninstall:

  6. Next select the final client CommVault Desktop and Laptop and click on the Uninstall button:

  7. Click on the Yes button to start the process:

  8. Click on the OK button to continue:

  9. Click on the Yes Button:

  10. Click on the Yes button to complete the uninstall:

  11. The Backup client has now been successfully removed from your server. It is recommended that you restart the server to ensure that all registry settings have been purge that pertain to the Backup client: