This article explains how to uninstall the Cloud Backup CommVault Client from a Cloud Server running a Unix operating system.


  1. Ensure you disabled Cloud Backup on the server PRIOR to uninstalling the backup client. For step by step instructions to do this, see  
  2. Ensure you have the appropriate permissions on the Server operating system to remove the client.

Content / Solution:

  1. SSH onto the machine that needs to have the client removed:

    Click on the Open button once the Host Name or IP Address have been entered.

  2. login to the server with the right access to remove the client. in this example we are using root as the username:

  3. Once you have authenticated this is the what should be displayed:

  4. change directories to the following ->  cd /opt/simpana/simpana/installer:

  5. You will now see this directory listed:

  6. Type in the console ./cvpkgrm and press enter:

  7. Press enter to continue. you will now see this screen:

  8. Press 1 to remove the client from the server:

  9. Enter a to remove all the client components. example below:

  10. Once you see all of the options as shown in the example below press enter to continue the uninstall process:

  11. The Cloud backup client has now been removed. However, note that you still need to make sure that all the directories have been removed:

  12. As you can see the simpana directory is still there on the server:

    This directory should be removed. To do this, it must be performed manually

  13. Type “rm –rf simpana/” and press enter:

  14. Type “ls” and this will display any folders in this directory. As shown the simpana directory is now removed. You have now successfully removed the Cloud Backup Client: