This article describes how to remove Tags from your Cloud Resources. For an overview of Tagging, see: Introduction to Tagging, Tag Keys and Tag Values

It is important to note that the process for removing Tags from Cloud Resources is identical for each Resource.


  1. The Primary Administrator, a User with the Tag role, or a User with a specific Resource role (Network, Server, etc) can remove Tags from Cloud Resources.
  2. A Tag must have previously been applied to a Cloud Resource. See How to View and Apply Tags to your Cloud Assets

Content / Solution:

  1. Navigate to the Taggable resource from which you want to remove a Tag. For this example, we'll use a Network Domain. 
    Click on the Manage Network Domain Tags button in the upper left hand side of the screen:

  2. The Manage Network Domain Tags dialog will be displayed. Locate the Tag you want to remove from the Network Domain and click on the manage gear, then select Remove from the drop-down menu:

  3. The system will remove the Tag from the Network Domain. Click the Save button to commit the changes:

  4. The system will display a success message:

  5. The Tag will be removed from the Network Domain and the UI will be updated to reflect the change: