Describes how to update the Private IP Address stored in the Cloud system to match the Private IP address set on the Server. This feature is useful if user are making manual changes to a Cloud Server's IP address or if they are using the "out of place" full system restore feature of Cloud Backup.



This function does NOT actually change the Private IP address of the Cloud Server itself. Any such changes must be made locally inside the Operating System of the Cloud Server.
This function is designed only to update the Cloud system of any subsequent changes to the private IP addresses automatically assigned by the Cloud system during the deployment process.


  1. This article applies only to Cloud Servers in a MCP 1.0 data center location. For MCP 2.0, see How to Notify CloudControl of a Change to the IP Addresses of a NIC in a MCP 2.0 Data Center

  2. Only the Primary Administrator OR a User with the Server role assigned by the Primary Administrator can notify the Cloud system of a change to the IP address of an existing Cloud Server.

  3. You must have already fully deployed a Server in order to modify it in any way. You cannot update the private IP address of the Server until the deployment process is complete.

  4. When notifying the Cloud system of an IP change, the "new" private IP Address must be part of the private IP block of the Cloud Network on which the server is located. The new private IP Address also cannot be currently registered to any other Cloud Server ("In use").

  5. The new private IP Address cannot currently be exclusively reserved. In MCP 1.0 Data Centers, IP Addresses can only be exclusively reserved via API. See API 0.9

  6. Important NoteThis feature has relevance when using the Cloud Backup service and performing an Out of Place File System Backup Restore. For more information see How to Initiate a Full System "Out of Place" Server Restore.

Content / Solution:

  1. From the Home page, select the MCP 1.0 Data Center where the Server whose Private IP Address you want to manage is located:

  2. The Data Center dashboard will be displayed. Select the Network on which the Server whose Private IP Address you want to manage is located:

  3. The Network dashboard will be displayed. Locate the stopped Server whose Private IP Address you want to manage. Click on the manage gear for that Server and select Modify IP Address from the drop-down menu: 

  4. The Modify Network dialog will be displayed. 

  5. Make the desired change to the IP Address, then click Save:

    It is recommended that you take note of the current Private IP Address of the Server at this point in case you wish to revert to this exact IP Address later.
    Note: The system reserves X.X.X.0 - X.X.X.7 and X.X.X.255 for its own use, meaning X.X.X.8 - X.X.X.254 are available for use. See Introduction to IP Addressing and Routing in MCP 1.0
    Note: You can not change the IPv4 Address to an address that is exclusively reserved. 
  6. The system will display a message indicating that the request is being processed:

  7. The system will indicate that the change is in progress:

    Note: You will not be able to perform any Manage functions on this Server until the update is complete
  8. The system will display a success message:

  9. The IP Address will be updated and the UI will update to reflect the change:

    Note: When the update is complete, the Server will return to it's normal state and you can now perform other managerial tasks on the Server.