This article describes how to move a Client Image from one User-Manageable Cluster to another User-Manageable Cluster within the same MCP 2.0 Private Cloud or Hosted Private Cloud data center location.

Note: This function is available only in locations with User-Manageable Clusters available.


This function is usually relevant only if the data center location is enabled with User-Manageable Clusters using the Dedicated ("Separate") Datastores option. In this case, there is a performance degradation when deploying a Server where the Source Image is on one cluster and you are targeting deployment to a different cluster. To avoid such a performance hit, users should use this function to move the Client Image to the same cluster where most deployments will occur.

For more details, see Introduction to User-Manageable Clusters.


  1. Only the Primary Administrator OR a User with the Create Image role assigned by the Primary Administrator can move a Client Image between clusters in the same data center location.
  2. The Client Image and the cluster to which you are trying to move the Image need to be in the same data center location. If you need to copy a Client Image to a different data center location or Geographic Region, see How to Copy a Client Image between Locations in the Same Geographic Region or How to Copy a Client Image between Different Geographic Regions
  3. You cannot move a Long-Term Retention Snapshot Image between User-Manageable Clusters. For more information on Long-Term Retention Snapshot Images, see Introduction to Cloud Server Snapshot Long-Term Retention Images

Content / Solution:

  1. From the Home page, click on the Compute button and select Images and Applications from the drop-down menu:

  2. The Images and Applications page will be displayed. Click on the Client Images button, near the bottom of the page:

  3. The Client Images page will be displayed. Locate the Image you want to move to a different cluster, then click on the Actions button and select Move to another Cluster:

    Note: If multiple clusters are not available within the Client Image's data center location, the Move to another Cluster option will be disabled.

  4. The Move Image to Another Cluster dialog will be displayed:

  5. Select the Destination Cluster from the drop-down and click Move:

    Important Notes:

    • If the selected Destination Cluster does not support the Number of vCPUs, Amount of RAM, CPU Speed, and Disk Speeds of the Image, then the 'Move' button will be disabled and the following message will be displayed: 

      Configuration is NOT supported by chosen cluster. Please choose any other cluster.

  6. The system will display a message indicating that the operation has begun:

  7. The system will begin to move the image. The progress will be shown on the Client Images page:

    Note: While moving a Client Image, the Client Image will be locked from use either for server deployments or other changes.

  8. Once the operation has completed, the Image will be available for deployment in the designated cluster:

    Note: For instructions on how to deploy a Cloud Server, see: