This article describes how a Sub-Administrator can manage the details associated with their User.

Note: Primary Administrators can manage Sub-Administrator details. See:


  1. Any user can manage some details about their Sub-Administrator User account

Content / Solution:

  1. Log in to the Updated UI, Click on the Compute Menu and select Account Mangement from the drop-down menu:

  2. The Account Management Dashboard will be displayed:

  3. The User can see various information about their Sub-Administrator user, including:

    • Organization Details:
      • Full Name
      • Organization Name
      • Organization ID
      • Home Geo
      • Home Geo ID
      • Two Factor Authentication status
        • Enabled or Disabled
      • Tags
        • Any tags that may have been applied
    • User Details:
      • Email Address

      • Username
      • Department
        • May or may not be used
      • Multi-Factor VPN User Status
        • Duo Enrollment Status
        • Last Login Date
        • Enrollment Expiry
      • Roles
      • Phone Number
      • Custom Defined
        • May or may not be used

Edit User

  1. Clicking on the Edit User button will open the Edit User Dialog, where you can edit your Phone number:

  2. Make any necessary changes and click Save:

Edit User

If any of the other information needs to be edited, such as Name, or Email address, please contact your Primary Administrator 

Change Password

  1. Clicking on the Change Password button will open the Change Password dialog:

  2. Fill out the form and click Save:

Change Password

Please note that if you have forgotten your Password, you can initiate a password reset by following the directions listed here:


Manage User Account Tags

  1. Clicking on the Manage User Account Tags button will open the Manage Tags dialog:

  2. Add a Tag Key, and Value, click the plus icon and then click Save:

Manage Tags

For more information about Tags, Tag Keys, and Tag Values, see: