How to Manage Cloud Monitoring Notifications



This article describes how to edit a Cloud Monitoring Notification rule.


  1. Cloud Monitoring for the Data Center is NOT in maintenance
  2. User is Primary Administrator or has both the Network AND Server roles assigned. 
  3. Must have previously enabled a Notification Rule on a Server. See:

Content / Solution:

  1. Access the Cloud Monitoring portal as described here:

  2. Once you have accessed the Cloud Monitoring Portal, click on the Notifications tab at the top of the screen:

  3. You will now be on the Notification Manager page. Locate the rule you would like to manage in the Notification Rules pool: 

  4. Click on the Edit link next to the rule you would like to manage:

  5. The system will display the Edit Notification Rule dialog box:

  6. Make the desired changes to the rule:

    Note: You can click on the information button  to see more information about each element.

    • Location - Select the Data Center where the Server for which you want to receive Notifications is located.
    • Server - Select the Server for which you want to receive Notifications.
      • You can select multiple servers by using the Ctrl + click function (command {} + click for Mac), or by holding down the SHIFT key and selecting a range of Servers.
    • Metric - Choose which Metric you want to be notified about.
      • Choose between CPU or Memory
    • Notification Threshold - Use the sliding button to set the threshold at which the Notification will be sent.
    • Amount of Time Before Sending Notification - Select the amount of time that will pass before the system sends the Notification from the dropdown menu.
      • You can choose 5 minute increments starting from 5 minutes up to 6 hours. 15 minutes is the default.
    • Notify Email Address - Enter the email address(es) that will receive the notification.
      • You can add as many email addresses as you like, separated by a comma (i.e.,,
  7.  Click the Save Rule button:

  8. The system will save the changes you made to the rule and display a success message:

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