The Cloud UI provides an additional security layer when the Two Factor Authentication feature is enabled for a customer's organization. When this feature is enabled, all users belonging to this organization receive an SMS with a code, which they will have to enter in addition to their username/password to login to the application.


  1. You must have enabled the Two Factor Authentication for your organization in order to login using a username/password/SMS Code combination. See How to Enable or Disable SMS Two Factor Authentication to the Cloud UI for your Organization
  2. All sub-administrators associated with the account must have an SMS-compatible phone number associated with their account. 
  3. All users must have access to the SMS function of the Phone Number associated with their account. 

Content / Solution:

  1. Log in to the Admin UI As normal using your username / password:


  2. The system recognizes a valid username/password combination and sends an SMS containing a verification code to the Phone Number associated with the user. The following secondary login screen is displayed:

  3. Enter the SMS verification code and click Sign-in.

  4. If the SMS code is correct, you will be successfully logged into the Cloud UI and the Home screen will display.

    If the entered SMS code is incorrect, you will be presented with a message that reads: ‘Incorrect SMS code. Please enter your username/password to try again’. You will then be returned to the Login screen to restart the Two Factor Authentication process.