This article explains how to list DRS Snapshots for Consistency Groups.
For more information, see Introduction to DRS for Cloud 


  1. Only the Primary Administrator or a user with the DRS role can list DRS snapshots for a Consistency Group.
    1. For instructions on how to add Roles to a Sub-Administrator, see How to Manage the Primary Administrator User and other Sub-Administrators as the Primary Administrator
  2. Must have created at least one Consistency Group.
  3. The Consistency Group for which you want to list DRS snapshots must exist in the Geographic Region.

Content / Solution:

  1. Click on the DRS for Cloud menu button and then select DRS Consistency Groups to navigate to the DRS Consistency Groups page:


  2. The DRS Consistency Groups dashboard will be displayed:

  3. Locate the Consistency Group for which you want to list DRS snapshots. Click on the Manage gear and select Start Preview from the drop-down menu:

  4. The system will display the following information:

    • Amount of Used Journal Datastore (in GB)
    • DRS Snapshot Protection Window
    • List of DRS snapshots for the Consistency Group with the associated DRS Snapshot ID, timestamp, and size in kilobytes

    Note: The DRS Snapshot Grid is paginated. Click on the navigational arrows to move to a different page. You can also select how many DRS snapshots are displayed by using the 'Items per page' drop-down menu

    Note: The DRS Snapshot Date / Time column is sortable and filterable: