This article describes how to identify which serves are being replicated into a specific Data Center location


  1. This dashboard view will only be visible if there is at least one Data Center Location which is enabled for Snapshot Replication.

Content / Solution:

  1. Click on the Compute drop-down menu, and select Replicated Snapshot Servers:

  2. You will be directed to the Replicated Snapshot Servers dashboard:

  3. The dashboard contains drop-down menus of each Target Data Center which are expandable to show which Snapshots have been replicated. Click on the  drop-down icon to expand a Target Data Center:

  4. Once you have expanded the Target Data Center, you will see the Source server(s) that are replicating to the Target Data Center. Click on the  drop-down icon of a Server to expand the list of Replicated Snapshots:

    • Once you expand the Server to view the Replicated Snapshots, the display shows various aspects of the Replicated Snapshots, including:
      • Id - Hover your mouse over the Snapshot icon  and it will display the Snapshot Id and the State of the Snapshot:
        • You can copy the Snapshot Id to your clipboard by clicking on the  icon
      • Start Time - Indicates the time when the Snapshot was created
      • Expiry Time - Indicates the time when the Snapshot will expire
      • Description - Optional description of the Snapshot
      • Current Action - If any action is taking place, it will be displayed here
      • Type - Indicates the Type of the Snapshot. Can be either:
        • System
        • Manual
    • Notes: There are several useful icons on this screen:
      • Server Icon - Displays important information about the Server:

        • You can copy the Server Id to your clipboard by clicking on the  icon
      • Warning Icon  - Indicates that a Snapshot is expiring soon:
      • Clock icon  - Indicates the Region (local) time. as Snapshots are listed in UTC time:

  5. Each of the Replicated Snapshots has an Actions menu: