This article describes how to add additional Journaling space to an existing DRS Consistency Group

All CloudControl Usage uses Base 2 ("gibibyte") Methodology

When provisioning and managing assets in CloudControl, a "Gigabyte" (GB) is actually based on Base 2 (binary) methodology, meaning that 1 GB = 1024^3 bytes ("gibibyte"). For example, if you provision a "100 GB" local disk, the system provisions a local disk of 100 x 1024^3 bytes = 107374182400 bytes.

Usage reporting follows the same methodology. For more details, see Introduction to Usage Reporting.


  1. Only the Primary Administrator or a user with the DR role can expand Journaling Space for an existing Consistency Group.
    1. For instructions on how to add Roles to a Sub-Administrator, see How to Manage the Primary Administrator User and other Sub-Administrators as the Primary Administrator
  2. The Source and Destination Locations must not be in Hypervisor maintenance or in DRS maintenance
  3. Consistency Group must NOT be in 'Preview' or 'Failover' mode.
  4. Consistency Group must be in NORMAL state (i.e. not in the process of add/delete or expand)
  5. Journal Sizes expansions must be made in 100 GB increments.
  6. The requested DRS Journal Size must stay within the calculated Maximum Size for the Consistency Group.
    1. The Maximum Journal Size is based on the Initial Journal Sizeand the maximum size allowable in the Location
      1. See Introduction to DRS for Cloud and How do I Identify Hardware Specifications and Capabilities Available in a Data Center Location

Content / Solution:

  1.  Click on the DRS for Cloud menu button and then select DRS Consistency Groups to navigate to the DRS Consistency Groups page:

  2. The DRS Consistency Groups dashboard will be displayed:


  3. Locate the Consistency Group for which you want to expand the Journaling Space, then click on the Manage gear and select Add Journal Size from the drop-down menu:

  4. The Add Journal Size dialog will be displayed:

  5. Enter the amount of Journaling Space you want to add to the Consistency Group. You can use the up/down arrows, or you can manually enter the desired amount:

    Note: The amount of Journaling Space must be specified in 100 GB increments.
    Note: Hovering your mouse over the  information icon will display a popup which indicates the valid Journal Size range:


  6. Once you have entered the desired amount of Additional Journaling Space, click the Add Journal Size button:

  7. The system will display a message indicating that the operation is in progress:


  8. The system will expand the Journal size and the UI will reflect the progress in the Current Action section:

  9. Upon completion, the system will display a success message:

  10. The DRS Consistency Groups dashboard will be updated to reflect the additional Journaling Space: