This article describes how to reserve an IPv4 or IPv6 Address in an MCP 2.0 Data Center location.

Note: This CloudControl UI feature is only available in MCP 2.0 Data Center locations. However, it is available to MCP 1.0 locations via API. See API 2.0

Note: All IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses must be unreserved before you can delete a VLAN. See:


  1. User must be Primary Administrator or have the Network role assigned.
  2. Must have deployed a Network Domain. See How to Deploy a Network Domain in a MCP 2.0 Data Center Location
  3. Must have deployed a VLAN. See How to Deploy a VLAN on a Network Domain
  4. IP Addresses must be within the range of the VLAN on which they are being reserved.
  5. IP Addresses cannot be with the "system reserved" range for the type of VLAN deployed. For details on which IP addresses are system reserved, see Introduction to IP Addressing in MCP 2.0

Content / Solution:

  1. From the Home page, select the MCP 2.0 Data Center where the Network Domain for which you want to exclusively reserve the IPv4 or IPv6 Address is located:

  2. The Data Center dashboard will be displayed. Select the Network Domain for which you want to exclusively reserve the IPv4 or IPv6 Address:

  3. The Network Domain dashboard will be displayed. Click on the VLANs and Servers tab. Click on the Actions button and select Reserve IP Address from the drop-down menu:

  4. The Reserve IP Address dialog will be displayed. Select the VLAN for which you want to reserve the IP Address from the drop-down menu:

  5. The Reserve IP Address form will expand. Fill out the form with the appropriate information:

    • IP Address Type - Select IPv4 or IPv6 from the drop-down menu
    • IP Address - Enter the IP Address that you want to reserve. 
      • Note: For IPv4, the system will provide suggestions based on your input
    • Description - Enter an optional Description. This description will be removed if/when the IP Address is unreserved. See How to Unreserve an IPv4 or IPv6 Address

  6. Once the form has been filled out with the desired information, click the Save button:

  7. The system will display a success message:

  8. The IP Address will be reserved. If you click on the click on the Dropdown Icon for the VLAN, it will be listed along with any other IP addresses that are in use or reserved on the VLAN. For more details, see How to View the IP Addresses Currently In Use and/or Exclusively Reserved on a VLAN.